Benedikte A Svensson

Benedikte completed her law degree at The University of Tromsø in January 2020. Her thesis dealt with the investigation of sexual abuse of children. During her studies, she worked for Jusshjelpa (legal aid initiative) where she assisted clients in the areas of child law, social security law and labour law. In RettAdvokat she mainly works with child and family law and also counsel victims of violence in criminal law cases.

  • Children- and family law
  • Child welfare law
  • Criminal injuries compensation
  • Criminal law

2020 – dd – Advokatfullmektig i RettAdvokat ANS
2018 – 2020 – Studentmedarbeider/sekretær i Advokatfellesskapet Falch
2018 – Gruppeleder hos Jusshjelpa i Nord-Norge
2017 – Saksbehandler hos Jusshjelpa i Nord-Norge

2020 – Master i Rettsvitenskap, Universitetet i Tromsø