Labour law

RettAdvokat provides legal assistance to both employers and employees in connection with cases that fall under the Working Environment Act. If you have received notice of possible termination or been dismissed, it may be necessary to contact a lawyer. We can assist you in negotiations with your employer. Since most of these disputes can be solved amicably, it is wise to seek legal advice as early as possible to increase the chances of a negotiated solution. If it is not possible to reach a solution, RettAdvokat can represent you in a legal dispute concerning the validity of the dismissal.

Employers must observe a range of laws and regulations, including rules relating to appointments and the employees’ working environment, and rules relating to downsizing and dismissals. Contacting a lawyer before a notice of dismissal is issued can help to ensure that the process takes place correctly, to prevent violation of the applicable rules. A few hours of legal assistance is a reasonable way to prevent legal conflicts at a later stage. If legal proceedings cannot be avoided, RettAdvokat will also represent you in court.