Free legal aid

RettAdvokat provides free legal aid in a range of areas of law, including child custody/access right cases, child abduction, child welfare cases, forced marriage, labour disputes, compensation for victims of violent crimes etc.

You are entitled to free legal aid in such cases if you have an annual income below NOK 350 000 and assets below NOK 100,000 (not including the value of property). If you are married or a cohabitant, you will be granted free legal aid if your joint annual income is less than NOK 540 000.

Depending on your income, you may have to pay a client’s contribution. As of 1 January 2023, the amount is NOK 1,140. If the case goes to court, the amount will be higher. The maximum client’s contribution in such cases is NOK 9 120. Persons with an annual income below NOK 100,000 do not have to pay a client’s contribution. No income requirements apply and no client’s contribution will be charged in child welfare cases before the County Social Welfare Board (Barneverns- og Helsenemnda), in criminal cases where the client is entitled to legal representation/counsel, or immigration cases where the client has received a rejection of their asylum application or an expulsion decision.

Please contact RettAdvokat for more information about free legal aid.